Bringing the TSS Beauty Faves series back! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my recent go-to beauty products. So, I’m here with a 3rd post on the series. If you missed the previous two posts on this series, feel free to check out the first part here and the second one here. The 3rd edition of this series is all about hair care! Gotta give our locks some TLC!

WAJASS Moist Shine Repair System Hair Repair Cream

Frizzy hair, don’t care?

Let’s face it. Naturally curly and wavy hair are prone to frizz, and even more so under the hot and humid whether. Although I have embrace the frizziness to some extent, there are certainly ways to tame those frizzy strands. As of late, I have been loving the Hair Repair Cream which is part of the Moist Shine range by WAJASS. The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek and sophisticated packaging, complete with a matte finish. I find the juxtaposition of this ‘Moist Shine’ product against a matte outer look appealing. And as you can see, the ‘MS’ logo is artistic yet classy. Also, the gold inner rim adds a touch of luxe to the overall design.

The slightly sweet scent is very pleasant and reminds me of hair salons. Understandable, since this was purchase from a salon. Now, on to the most important part, its function. All you need is just a small amount (depending on your hair length and thickness) to smooth away any flyaways and frizzy strands. I apply them right before heading out. It reduces the appearance of frizz and instead I’m left with shiny-looking curls. Begone frizzy mane!

Express Hair-Nursing

This particular product is an in-salon hair treatment, specialise in deep cleansing and intense repairing. There’s a shampoo to go along with it, but currently, I’m only using the hair treatment once a week. My hair always feels soft and smooth, so much so that my hand can’t part with my hair. Also, my strands are noticeably less frizzy, proving that it’s a great treatment for dry and damaged locks. Not to mention, the fragrance lingers on and would totally make it seem like you’re fresh out of a hair salon. Love the design on this as well! The floral motif and golden swirl on a baby blue base gives off an oriental feel. Although its application method involves steaming the hair as done in hair salons, it is still effective sans steaming or you can simply get into a steamy shower.

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