Dress your best despite the heat.

Do you find yourself with limited outfit options when the heat wave comes crashing, or the hot and humid weather has got you worn down that you can’t be bothered to dress up anymore? Some days, just looking out the window and imagining heading outdoors and being under the scorching sun dampens my mood to dress up. I end up putting away clothes that are slightly thicker and falling back on basic tees and skirts.

Here comes a fashion news. Summer wardrobe has just gotten another addition with the resurgence of linen. Linen is all about its breathability and lightweightness. The comfort that this fabric gives off is perfectly suited for staying cool and fresh when the temperature rises. Having these qualities, even layering is possible with there being blazers made of linen. Another appeal of the fabric linen is in its sustainability, which is of great value in light of the move away from fast fashion culture.

Linen garment is thought to be a minimalist trend, as they’re mostly seen in neutral palette. If you’re not much of a minimalist, like me, you can still find linen pieces in any colour imaginable. The Krissy Dress from Cotton On comes in a vast variety of colours, you might just be able to find one in your favourite colour. Dark colours speaks to me, and so burgundy it is! (couldn’t decide between navy at first) Sage is a trendy colour at the moment and would be for SS20 as well. Also, it’s available in prints too, very summery indeed. Now, who says linen is reserved for the minimalist?

Worn by itself and perhaps paired with a cute sandal, this linen blend dress is fitting for summer. If the weather allows for a little layering, opt for a white or black tee underneath. Or even better, go for a sheer/mesh top, which is currently trending for summer months. Pairing linen with another light and airy material is very summer-like. A mesh top layered under a dress is one way to style such see-through pieces if you don’t want to overexpose yourself. Initially, I had a black sheer lace top in mind. Until, I stumbled upon this animal print sheer top. Who knew that sky blue and red is such a fresh colour combination?! Leopard print is also very much up-to-date (talk about mixing three trends in a single outfit!).

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Cotton On Krissy Dress

Cotton On Margot Slip Dress (similar)

Cotton On Mesh Mock Neck Top

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P.P.S. Take a size down for Cotton On clothings.

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