Yes, sometimes your hair needs a little dressing up too. Good news is 2019 is all about hair accessories. People who knew me when I was young would know that I love hair accessories, especially those sparkly butterfly clips and delicate bow barettes. Needless to say, this comeback trend has got me really excited.

The 90’s butterfly clips from our childhood days is given a grownup update, especially with pearl adornments, ranging from hairclips to barettes and even bobby pins. Pearls are associated with classic elegance. So, even one pearl hair clip can add a touch of elegance to your overall style.

These accessories are pretty versatile, and works with just about any hairstyles. Here are four hairstyles of varying effects, from sweet and simple to bold and dramatic.


For a slightly unexpected take on this trend, style your hair in a half top knot, and add one or two pearl-embellished barrettes underneath it. Isn’t it ultra chic?! This hairdo is inspired by well-known Indian blogger, Masoom Minawala, which you can check out here.


Keep your hair out of the way in a fashion forward way. If you have long bangs, you probably know the struggle of your hair getting in your face. Instead of having to tuck your hair behind your ears all the time, clip it to the side with a single (or even double) pearl-encrusted clips. It’s effective in taming unruly strands and gives an instant glam at the same time.


Achieve a side swept-ish hairstyle but with extra flair. Pin up one side of your hair with two or three clips for extra hold. You can go full on with the side swept hairdo by simply pushing your hair to one side.


Greasy hair but no time to wash your hair yet still want to look good? A messy bun it is! Take it up a notch and line up multiple clips of your choice for a dramatic effect. Or you could just keep it simple with one or two pins right below the bun. This trend definitely works with casual hairdos as well.

It’s amazing how just one hair clip is outfit-altering. There’s endless styles that would go with these pretty pearls. Secure your braid or ponytail with it. Frame your face with one clip on each side from a symmetrical look. You just have to get creative with it!

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