Not your basic white top + denim combo.

It’s great to have some go-to outfit combinations in the back of your mind. It comes in handy when you have no idea what to wear and especially on days when you’re running late. Be it sweater + skinny jeans, crop top + high-waisted skirt or blazer +LBD.

And, we have the white top + denim combo. It’s undeniable that white top and light wash denim goes well together like peanut butter and jam. It’s basically everyone’s go-to casual uniform. It’s simple, effortless and chic. But, how about putting a twist to this tried and trusted outfit combination.

Instead of sticking to your regular white tee, why not give these vintage inspired tops that’s been seen all over Instagram a try. To be honest, I’m late into this trend. I’ve stayed away from anything with puffy sleeves for quite some time because I’ve been told that I have broad shoulders, and anything with puffy sleeves would just go to accentuate it. But hey, fashion rules are meant to be broken!

I stumbled upon this white top on Zalora and it’s so adorable, I could hardly resist it. I really love the sweetheart neckline and sleek cut of this bustier top which gives off a very feminine vibe, as well as the silver buttons which makes for a clean, streamlined finish. Also, this top is in a way pretty sexy, as it shows off your collarbone.

A white top matches perfectly with light wash denim. That being said, why not substitute your jeans with a denim skirt. I’ve been obsessed with denim skirts lately. It’s only not long ago that I came to the realisation that denim skirts are a great alternative to jeans for when you want to rock denim in warmer weather.

Denim skirts mostly comes in a-line cuts, which is a classic that you can’t go wrong with. If you want to take things a level up though, you could consider denim skirts of different cuts, say a fitted one as pictured here. The frayed hem adds a touch of edgy vibe, making an amazing contrast against the feminine top.

A casual sneaker is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. So, I put on my favourite sneakers from Playboy Bunny. It’s my favourite because of the interesting design. Cue the pink and black polka dots and ribbon laces. Not to mention, it’s super comfy which is great on days where I’ll be walking a lot or really just to give my feet a rest every now and then.

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ZALORA Bustier Top with Puffy Sleeves

ZALORA Button Down Blouse (similar)

Supre The Charmed Mini Skirt

PLAYBOY BUNNY Women’s Casual Ribbon Sneakers (similar)

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