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Back with the second post on my jewellery collection series, where I’ll be sharing some of my favourite jewellery pieces, where you can purchase them, and how to style them. Previously, I shared about statement earrings, while this time around I’ll be focusing on multi layer necklaces. Multi layer necklaces are the ‘it’ jewellery right now! Keep reading and check out some of the trendiest styles.

Rubi Wishbone Multi Layer Necklace

Starting off with my favourite, which is from Rubi. I had a hard time choosing between the gold-toned one and the silver-toned one (eventually getting the former). The wishbone and coin pendant makes for a really interesting detail. Not to mention, coin pendants is a key trend in necklace recently. The necklace falls right around the collarbone and it would go well with just about anything regardless of its neckline. The good thing about Rubi is that they offer a selection of similar, stylish pieces that you can pick from, and it’s affordable as well. I bought mine on full price, but great news is it’s on sale now!

H&M Two-strand Necklace

Next is this two-strand necklace from H&M, which features delicate yet chic charms. It is perfect for the minimalist girl who prefers to keep things simple. H&M also has a wide range of similar, minimalistic pieces.

Red’s Revenge Gold V & Bar Layered Necklace

Another one of my recent favourite, all because of it’s edgy style. Its attention-grabbing design also makes for an amazing statement piece. The length of it would hit right around the bust area and would look great when paired high neckline. I just purchased this a while back, but it’s already sold out online. But, you can always try looking for it in stores. On the bright side, there are different variations of multi layer necklaces available online, including boho styles, if that’s your preference.

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