So, what is this new neutral that you need in your closet right now? It’s none other than tweed! Tweed is one of those subtle trend this season that you might not notice, but should definitely not miss out on. And when styled correctly, they could very well become a staple in your closet.

They commonly come in the form of blazers and jackets, as seen on runways. These are more suited for colder days. One the flip side, there are tops and skirts made of tweed, which are perfect for warmer weather. Just like this asymmetrical tweed skirt from Padini. Also, you can’t go wrong with anything that has ruffles.

Tweed clothing looks especially great when paired with contrasting textures. That being said, this tweed skirt is very versatile, because it’s grey tones resembles any other neutral skirt, only with added depth. You can pair it with something that speaks to your personal style, say a silky top, or a feminine blouse, or even an athleisure top. In my case, I went for an edgy vibe and paired my tweed skirt with a H&M cropped sweatshirt which features a raw edge. I took it a size up for a relaxed, oversized fit. The strong colour and floral print on the sleeve makes it a great statement piece, which is totally my style.

Accessories are just as important as your clothing. It ties the whole ensemble together. I like how this floral embroidery bag from Something Borrowed compliments the floral design on my sweatshirt. This Zalora snake print d’orsay flats in maroon also matches perfectly with my sweatshirt. Let me just quickly mention that Elianto makes some great nail polishes. Not only do they dry up quickly, they’re long lasting and do not chip off easily as well.

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PADINI Casual Short Skirt

H&M Short Printed Sweatshirt (similar)

Something Borrowed Floral Embroidered Bag (not available)

Keddo Christina Floral Slingbag (similar)

Zalora Snake Print D’Orsay Flats (not available)

Zalora D’Orsay Patent Flats (similar)

Elianto Nail Lacquer

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